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Welcome to Your Views

This site links you to a number of innovative web-based surveys developed by researchers at the University of British Columbia. The purpose of the surveys is to facilitate well-informed discussion and explore attitudes about complex issues related to ethics (including animal welfare) and scientific and technological developments. We look forward to hearing Your Views!

You can use the sidebar (the left-hand side of your screen) to navigate through the site. If this is your first visit to YourViews, please click Create New Account on the sidebar. Once you have done this, you will be returned to this homepage where you can begin by clicking on a survey of your choice. 

All surveys have been approved by the University of British Columbia Research Ethics Board.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for this project provided by UBC students via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.

Please select from our current surveys:

(*NOTE: Mechanical Turk (M-Turk) Users - Do NOT access surveys through the links below. To access a survey, please refer to specific instructions on the M-Turk website, thank you.)

  • 机器人伦理调查 在机器人应用于从家庭护理、交通到战争所引发的问题上与他人互动 Chinese version of the Robot Ethics Survey. NEW

  • Cow Views A place to discuss hot topics related to dairy production. State your views, vote on the views of other participants, and let the best arguments float to the top.

  • Public Consultation on Animal Research Provide us your input on some currently on-going and past animal experiments.

  • Robot Ethics Engage with others on the issues robotics raises from  the nursing home and highway to the battlefield.

  • Cognitive Enhancement  Issues relating to the use of pharmaceuticals to enhance cognitive function.

  • Human Enhancement Issues relating to improving human nature through technology.

  • Radical Life Extension Do you want to live longer? Many people do. Join our survey on radical life extension and help clarify the important issues. (Survey currently unavailable)

  • Using pigs in environmental and biomedical research Should we use pigs in research to improve success in human organ transplants? Should we use pigs in research to reduce phosphorus polution associated with farming?

  • Lab Views A place to discuss issues relating to the use of animals in science.

  • Animal Castration Should horses, cattle and pigs be castrated? If so, under what conditions? Please share your views with us in this survey. (Survey currently unavailable)

  • Housing for Pregnant Pigs Do you care about how farm animals are housed? Share your views and engage with others on issues related to how pregnant pigs are housed. (Survey currently unavailable)

  • Use of Pigs in Surgical Training A place to discuss the use of animals in surgical training. Here you will be able to share your views and vote on the views of others. (Survey currently unavailable)

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Instructors interested in using any of  our surveys in courses should contact me: pad "at" ethics.ubc.ca

Peter Danielson, Mary & Maurice Young Professor of Applied Ethics, Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC.