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Human Enhancement Survey

Welcome to the Survey

This survey is a discussion portal for issues relating to improving human nature through technology. This is where you can post your views and vote on the views of others.

This is also a place to enhance ongoing research. Your participation will enrich our understanding of these issues by informing our discussion on this topic.

We are interested in your views regarding human enhancement and how different cultural backgrounds may influence these views. You will be asked to reflect on several aspects of the debate about improving human nature through technology and provide answers to four questions, including the reasons for your answers. We will then ask you to vote on the reasons provided by others. Please share your views. You will also be able to see the views of other participants, along with the most popular reasons for agreeing and disagreeing. This survey should take about 10 - 20 minutes to complete.

After each question in the survey, you will see a list of the reasons provided so far, with the most preferred appearing first. (The percent shown after each reason indicates what per cent of individuals have chosen that reason so far.) We encourage you to choose an existing reason if one is reasonably close to your own thinking, adding a new reason if you need to. Later participants will be able to see your new reason, followed by the pseudonym you choose (see below). Authors' pseudonyms follow their contributions to allow referencing but are not linked to authors' account details or email.

Improving human nature through technology

Enhancement is usually defined as an improvement from one state of physical and mental functioning to a desired state of having greater-than-normal abilities. The reference state of functioning from where the improvements will be built upon is a state of normal health typical to humans. Being in a condition below this normal state of health is undesirable and considered a state of sickness. People with conditions that are below the normal state of health are subject to medical interventions that would restore their state of health back to normal. Such restoration is considred therapy and is usually considered necessary and desirable. 
However, being healthy may not be the only desirable state of existence. Some people who are already in the optimal state of health may sometimes want to further enhance their functionings. For example, soldiers or physicians who are already healthy may want to have more stamina to stay alert for long periods of work exceeding 24 hours. Athletes who compete with peers who are very strong would want to have abilities that could exceed the strength of others. People who have physical qualities that are considered normal may sometimes want to have these physical attributes changed. This may involve cosmetic surgery to enhance an otherwise normal appearance or sex reassignment surgery to alter one´s gender characteristics.

In this survey, we invite you to voice your opinion concerning human enhancement.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for this project provided by UBC students via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund