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Lab Views is a place to discuss issues relating to the use of animals in science. Here you will be able to share your views and vote on the views of others.

Lab Views is also a platform for scholarship. Your comments help ground our work on these topics and increase our understanding of these issues.

We would like to hear your views on six research studies that propose the use of animals. These cover a range of procedures and types of animal use. For each study we ask if you are willing to support the use of these animals. Please also tell us the reasons for your decision and vote on the reasons provided by others.

Participating will take about 20 minutes of your time. If you are new to this website, please register or if you are already registered, please login on the left to continue.

Please share your views. You will also be able to see the views of other participants, along with the most popular reasons for agreeing and disagreeing.

You will be asked to give your answer to the question in the form of a reason. After reading the question you will see a list of the reasons provided so far, with the most preferred appearing first. (The percent shown after each reason indicates what per cent of individuals have chosen that reason so far.) We encourage you choose an existing reason if one is reasonably close to your own thinking, or add a new reason if you need to. Later participants will be able to see your new reason, followed by the pseudonym you choose (see below). Authors' pseudonyms follow their contributions to allow referencing but are not linked to authors' account details or email.

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