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Use of Pigs in Surgical Training

Should we allow the use of animals in research, teaching, or testing? If so, under what conditions?

Universities sometimes use animals in courses. Here we ask your views on one specific example: the use of pigs in surgical training. Pigs are sometimes used in surgical training exercises because of anatomical similarities with humans.

On the following pages we describe a proposed surgical training class, including the procedures to be practiced by the surgical residents.

We then ask you to share your views on this proposed use of animals. You will also be able to see the views of other participants, and to 'vote' on their responses.

Participating should take about 10-15 minutes.

After each question you will see a list of the reasons provided so far. Reasons are ranked according to the percent of individuals who have chosen these reasons. We encourage you to choose an existing reason if one is reasonably close to your own thinking, and/or add a new reason if you need to. Later participants will be able to see any reason you provide, followed by the pseudonym you choose (see below). Pseudonyms are not linked to authors' account details or email.

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